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How to Request Quotation

To request a quotation, please follow few simple steps below :-

STEP 1 - Browse Product Catalog

You can browse our product catalog website either sorted by category or search by keywords.  Simply click on product to read more and add product to RFQ List.

STEP 2 - Add Product into Request For Quotation List

When at single product page you can click on “Request Quote” to add the product into RFQ cart or you can continue shopping to add more products into your RFQ cart (or) proceed to submit your selected items.

STEP 3 - At RFQ Page, Please Fill Up Details & Submit

Before submit your Official Product Quotation to us, please fill up all particulars and check all your enquiries such as product’s quantity, special requirement and require self collect or delivery. Once you’ve done please click Submit.

STEP 4 - We Will Reply Your Message with Official Quotation

Our customer service department will send you an official quotation according to your request within 3 working days. 

If you did not receive any email from us ( after submit, please check your SPAM Mailbox also.