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6″ DA Polishing Pad

DA Polishing Sponge

  • HYS Green
  • HYS Orange
  • HYS Red

Product Description

Available in Green, Red and Orange

Functionality of Green Pad: Prepoly foaming material, heavy cutting force, durable structure, can quickly remove deep scratches, 800-1200# sand dish marks and heavy oxide layer, cutting force is similar to wool polishing pad, can be used with heavy abrasive agent.

Functionality of Red Pad: Prepoly foam material, strong and durable structure, heavy cutting force, can quickly remove deep scratches, 1200-1500# sand dish marks, spiricle lines and heavier oxidation layer, can be used with high abrasive agent.

Functionality of Orange Pad: Sponge has a relatively light cutting force, can remove 1500/2000 sand dish mark, swirl marks, improve the surface of gloss of polishing, can be used with light abrasive or mirror polishing agent.