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Cleaner Wax Liquid

Automotive Product

Product Description

Pack Size: 16oz/473ml

Meguiar’s versatile, one step wax specially formulated to produce eye-dazzling results on all finishes. Rich conditioning oils with gentle cleaning ability make it an excellent choice for daily drivers exposed to the elements.

CLEANER WAX: One-step liquid wax cleans your paint while you wax

HIGH GLOSS SHINE: Rich conditioning oils polish and protect, leaving finish with a high gloss shine

SAFE ON ALL GLOSSY FINISHES: Safely and effectively cleans surface contaminants and blemishes from all glossy paint finishes including clear coats and single-stage paint

EASE OF USE: Easier to use than traditional carnauba wax

VERSATILE APPLICATION: Can be applied by hand or Dual Action Polisher like Meguiar’s MT320