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Metalact H-15 Etching Primer

Primer for bare steel/metal surfaces

  • 0.2L + 1L
  • 1L + 3.2L

Product Description

Available in 2 pack size: 200ml hardener, 1000ml primer OR 10000ml hardener, 3200ml primer

  • A wash primer based on vinyl butyral resin with zinc chromate incorporated and phosphoric acid additive.
  • Quick drying shop primer for steel plates and shapes immediately after blast cleaning.
  • This product also acts as etching primer for light metal, galvanized steel and steel surfaces.
  • It has excellent compatibility with most kinds of subsequent coat.
  • Mixing Ratio: Base : Hardener, 4 : 1
  • 2K Thinner: 10-30% (by volume)