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Pro Hybrid Ceramic Bead Booster

Automotive Product

Product Description

Pack Size: 32oz/946ml

Meguair’s M799 PRO Hybrid Ceramic Bead Booster is a revolutionary, dilatable, highly versatile formula that serves as a coating rejuvenator, stand-alone sealant, boosted quick detailer and drying aid – all-in-one! The Hybrid Ceramic SiO2 backbone provides self-cleaning, tight beading and slickness levels typically only found with ceramic coatings


SHAKE WELL. When using as a sealant, it is best to spray directly into towel, not onto paint. When using as a boosted detailer, drying aid or clay lubricant, spray directly onto paint.

FULL-STRENGTH SEALANT. M799 is an excellent spray-and-wipe standalone SiO2 sealant or maintenance topper for coated cars. At full strength, spray 2-4 trigger pulls into a folded X2010 Supreme Shine microfiber towel, then wipe panel until product is nearly dry, flipping towel to dry side for final pass.

BOOSTED DETAILER. When removing dust, fingerprints, bird droppings or other light contaminants, dilute 1:3 (1-part water, 3-part product) for maximum slickness while still adding considerable protection. If streaking occurs, spray product directly into towel for final pass.

CLAY LUBE: When diluted 1:3, M799 is a very slick lubricant that works with both traditional C2000/C2100 Professional Clay, as well as synthetic clay. Spray ample amount of product onto the surface and directly onto the clay material. Add product as needed for lubricity. Wipe dry after each panel.

DRYING AID. For maximum slickness, use at 1:3. Spray M799 directly onto wet panel and proceed to wipe panel dry with microfiber drying towel. Avoid using directly on glass as streaking may occur.